2018 Season is in full swing

Come visit us and see what’s new at the Museum. We are sporting a new paint job, the Barn Quilt created last summer and 3 quilts (one is 100 year’s old) If you haven’t seen our Manny’s Shack monument ( a dedication to the Erikson family who named our town) be sure to stop in.

Our summer students are busy working on projects and ready to host our visitors.

Museum Board

Creamery Days Fair and Rodeo

Eriksdale Museum’s Creamery Days Fair and Rodeo is August 17, 18 and 19 of 2018

We’ve added and Old Time Dance on Friday the 17th with Country Pride providing the music.

Past the Perimeter is our entertainment on Saturday night. Hope to see you there.

Our Home Living Section is ready. For further information and entry forms please drop by the Eriksdale Museum Office or request one at eriksdalemuseum@gmail.com

Below is a copy of last year’s program – the new one will soon be available.

Creamery Days Fair and Rodeo Program

Membership BBQ

On June 2, 2018 at the Eriksdale Museum 15 Station Lane we had a BBQ  for all of those buying the 2018 Membership. From 11:30-1 we served hotdogs, burgers, salads and beverages. The museum was open to tours. Our 2018 season begins. Thank you to the 55 memberships we received in spite of the rainy weather. We are grateful for your support. Memberships are still available for $10.

Monument Dedication

On Creamery Days of 2017, we will be dedicating a monument to the Erikson family and the site of “Manny’s Shack” Why? Because Jonas Erikson donated land back in the early 1900’s to build a hospital and the town of Eriksdale. Jonas got to chose the name of our town. Because Erikson was taken he chose Eriksdale. His son Manny lived here longer than Jonas did and the stone foundation marks the spot where visitors travelling on the train were welcomed to our town. This home was known as Manny’s Shack.

This dedication took place on August 19 at 11:45 as part of our Creamery Days Fair and Rodeo event. Be sure to drop by to see it.

GPS Coordinates: N 50 52.106  W 98 6 559